Favourite Quote

Successful women can still have their feet in the ground. They just wear better shoes.
Maud Van De Venne.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Bikini vs. Swimsuit

So, when I was younger I was all about showing as much as possible on the beach or on holiday! Now I am very much under the impression that it is better and maybe even sexier to show a little less and cover up slightly more ... better to be covered up than hanging out in all the wrong places, right?! I have chosen two swim wear styles to compare, bikini vs. the swim suit, both black, both sexy and both for the same purpose! I have also thrown in a pretty little cover up which could be used over both but I know which one I prefer ...

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bold and Brave

While casually browsing on the topshop website, as I often do, I came across a dress and my first thought was ... someone would need to have abs of steel to wear that! And my second thought was ... brave! I do however think the dress is fabulous if it is paired with the right accessories to enhance its boldness! I have put it with a pair of killer heels a clutch bag and some metallic nail polish to give it a glamorous yet striking look! Perfect for a party or a night out drinking and dancing (as long as you can put up with the heels). The whole outfit comes in at £177. 


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Here We Go Again :)

Well...since I haven't posted on my blog for quite a long while I thought I would start a fresh, which started by deleting all my old posts and writing this one. Now I am no longer a student and have less time on my hands it seems as if I can actually fit more things into each day (bizarre as it may seem), including a full time job, which means I shall be keeping my blog regularly updated and hopefully become a dedicated blogger. 

Soooo as they say (and I am never sure who they are) ....watch this space!